Ani-Mayhem Online

Ani-Mayhem is the premier anime CCG. Design began late in 1995 and the game was released in the summer of 1996. Ani-Mayhem was also the first anime card game. And is one of the few CCGs that can be played as a solitaire game.

In Ani-Mayhem you use a team of Characters to travel around the playing field to Scavenge Locations and battle with some of the nastiest villains of anime for control of the Items hidden beneath those locations. To help with your task there are cards to enhance your Characters' abilities, through training, or by the use of weapons. If fighting Disasters isn't enough for you, invite a friend or two to play along, up to six can play.


I am looking to buy/trade for misprints, prototypes (Scavenger Wars, and playtest cards), and Set One uncut card sheets, and Set Zero uncut card sheets with a white border between the cards. If you have these things, I'll dig through my cards if you want to trade.

When you're done here, check out Ani-Mayhem 2010.

Links December 13, 2017

Computer Link

Ani-Mayhem from around the web.

DBZ Test Set July 21, 2018


Playtest cards for Dragon Ball Z.

Scavenger Wars May 22, 2014

Puppy Dog Eyes

Packaged playtest cards for the game that eventually became Ani-Mayhem.

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Mihoshi's Mothership

The rest of it.

Published January 12, 2018

Training Book

Published writings about Ani-Mayhem.

Database May 16, 2020

Data Stream

The complete Ani-Mayhem cardlist. List includes the card name, the type, its rarity, which anime series is featured, and the set.

Strategy Novemember 25, 2012

Teacher Disguise

Card reviews, tips, combos, and deck themes.

Guide March 19, 2017

Training Ground of Cursed Springs

The text and information for all of the cards.

Rules March 12, 2009

Pay Attention

The rules for the game of Ani-Mayhem.


Political Investigation

There's a dedicated Ani-Mayhem forum at the Ani-Mayhem Outpost.

Binder July 5, 2015

Family Picture

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Inventory January 6, 2012

Gohan's Supplies

Ani-Mayhem card inventory program.

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Bills and Calculator

Ani-Mayhem box collation report.


Pioneer LDC - Mars

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Gallery September 9, 2021

Spy Camera

Pictures of Ani-Mayhem merchandise.